Stitching a Panoramic Picture

Want to take a wide angle picture but don’t have a wide angle lens?  Windows Live Photo Gallery has a cool feature.  The feature allows you to stitch several photographs together to create a panoramic view.  Hintsmile_sarcastic; use a tripod without one the edges will be ragged due to angles you are shooting the picture out.  However as long as they are generally close there will be enough of an image you can crop and still have a great picture.  On a recent trip checking out what will soon be my new neighborhood I came across a park.  I went to the far end of the pond so I could get some pictures of the main area… forgot my longer zoom lens.  From this vantage point I took three shots making sure I had a certain landmark (clock tower) in each shot.

With these files selected in Windows Live Photo Gallery from the Make menu option select “Create Panoramic Photo” this will start the process:


You will then be prompted to give the new Panoramic Photo a name.  In this case I saved the folder to “Main Shelter.jpg”.  As mentioned earlier a quick run through a picture editor (I use Paint.Net), I made a selection of a large section of the image so I could crop out the image, leave the jagged upper and lower jagged edges.

 Main Shelter


One thought on “Stitching a Panoramic Picture

  1. John,
    A very useful post my friend!  I am still trying to gain more wisdom about Photo Gallery and learning how to stitch photo’s together.  Can you stitch different photos that may not even relate….that is to create a panoramic type view? 
    This was a great one my friend and thanks for sharing it with all of us!

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