Concise but Informational

Blogging has become a major form of communication and honestly I am way behind the curve.  Personally I like when the entry can fit into a concise space but still provide the reader with lots of information.  One way that I have found to approach it is by embedding items.  Where this really comes into play is files that I have already stored within my “Live Skydrive”.  Granted Skydrive provides you with relevant information to use when performing an “Insert Picture”, “Insert Video”, “Insert Hyperlink” but… using the embed text that SkyDrive provides (right hand side informational banner shows Web Address and Embed information that you can copy from) has great method of displaying the link not to mention might help spread the word about Windows Live and the Skydrive service.  Yes there are times when you want the picture smack in the middle of the post for effect, but being subtle has its place also.  Yes you could just create a Hyperlink to the file but my experience with helping users is that they tend to overlook the hyperlink.

So now that I have rambled on… When you are in Windows Live Writer you are by default in “Edit” mode which can be verified with the tabs just below your document area.  Notice the other two tabs (because I had created a few posts before I ever saw the tabssmile_embaressed).  For embedding a Skydrive file I use the Source view.  Now this might not be for the “faint of heart” because when you click on it you will see the raw underlying code that your blog entry is, meaning you replaced the formatted screen you expect your post to look like with what you might consider gibberish.  If you look close enough you will see the bits and pieces you have worked on.  So now you are in the raw portion and found the text where you want to embed a file.  From the Embed text box that pertains to the file you want to bed, select the text, you should notice that as soon as you click on that field it automatically selects it all, a very handy thing, right click and select Copy.  You have just copied a string to the clipboard that will look something like <iframe scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" frameborder="0" style="width:240px;height:66px;margin:3px;padding:0;border:1px solid #dde5e9;background-color:#ffffff;" src=""></iframe>

which as you see, doesn’t really project what you were hoping for.  So now you click on the Source tab, find where this sentence ends and Paste that string before the </p> and when you go back to Edit or Preview Tabs you will see the string is replaced with the below:

Now for the reader, if they click in the file name they will be prompted to Open, Save or Cancel, if the click on the Thumbnail image they will be taken to the file within Skydrive.

Click back on the Edit tab and you should see the standard block that a Skydrive embedded file presents itself with.  If the user clicks on it they will be taking to the file on your Skydrive collection.  It seems to work with all files, some other examples:
now compare that to hyperlinks:
Hyperlink to the same video as above
Hyperlink to the same PowerPoint file as above

So much for being concise huh….  As you can see what the embedded file shows is a concise description of the file to include filename, file type and file size. 

It’s all a matter of personal preference, but personally I think it helps keep all your chunks of data organized and reduces duplication and should help “loading times” when visitors come to check out your blog entry.

There are some plug-ins in the gallery that were written for this and again its a personal preference issue.

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3 thoughts on “Concise but Informational

  1. John,
    First….thank you for your support in regards to our son!  Secondly, this was some really credible information and I think that it would benefit everyone to read and learn from it!  In today’s world of trying to conserve bandwidth…this is yet but just one of the many great ways of doing so!
    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!

  2. I love the embedded SkyDrive file thumbnails too. Gives a little bit of a visual flair, that gives more context than just another link. I don’t personally use SkyDrive, but it is handy.
    What’s "Windows Live Tags" btw? All those links direct me to Windows Live Home.

  3. Great, post John.  Thanks for sharing the information about how to do the thumbnails.
    Best Regards,

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