Another Buddy finds a home

So I was talking about Wink.  A really cool dog but so shy.  I had tasked myself with working with them, conveniently they (Wink & Cuervo) were Tony’s neighbors.  Cuervo had really warmed up and Wink was curious but still unsure.  I would just go in their little pen and just sit there, let them get comfortable with it.  Cuervo would just lay next to me and nudge me to pet him.  Wink had learned that being petted wasn’t so bad but would only allow it in short stretches.  Yesterday Wink actually pushed against me wanting to be petted.  Encouraged I went into the shelter today and Wink was gone.  The fine people at the Summit Humane Shelter found him a home.  So now it’s Tony, Sirus, Turk and Buddy.   


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