All Buddies Accounted For

I showed up this weekend at the shelter and a quick inventory all my buddies were still there.  Tony and Turk not getting adopted still puzzles me.  I had bought a 30 foot lead so I could take Sirus down to a pond on one of the trails and let him swim.  The short leash just wasn’t enough and normally meant I would be ankle deep.  Walked him and Tony.  Buddy is already being walked by another volunteer but I have to find time to spoil him too.  Cuervo has become very defensive since Wink left. 

I came across a poor little dog on Sunday that made me sad.  He looked like a little Dogue de Bordeaux (aka French Mastiff) so he peaked my interest.  Based on size I would guess he is very young.  He would look at you but wouldn’t get up, even when I walked into his spot in the yard.  I laid down with him, hand feeding him.  The reason I cold only venture a guess that he was a de Bordeaux was size and face but because of his mange it was really hard to say for sure.  Not familiar with the breed? rent the movie Turner & Hooch that’s him.  A few years ago when I was thinking of getting a new dog I was looking for this breed and found they were hard to come by.  Which makes it even more disturbing why we have a puppy and that he was obviously not cared for.  I did not check on the back story regarding how he ended up at the shelter but for now its another on my list for hanging out with.  I went this evening (normally I only go on a week night when the temperatures are brutally cold so I can help the staff get the dogs back inside quicker) to see how he was as I knew he was going to see the veterinarian on Monday.  He was up, a little slow but moving, much more receptive to petting and snacks, even licked my hand and face.  So for now, looks like I have another buddy.


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