A Buddy on the Short List

I was just made aware that one of my Buddies has been placed on the short list.  One of the reasons I like this shelter is they are primarily a no-kill facility.  There had to me major issues before a humane ending was chosen.  That policy has been changed recently.  Sure I don’t like it but I can understand the reasoning.  The list includes my favorite, Tony.  Tony has never been listed on the website which always struck me odd.  I went right to Tony because he was a Rottweiler and they are my favorite, and I wasn’t sure if he was a mix… body, head, stance was all Rottweiler but his coloring and hair seem to indicate a possible mix.  I set out, brushing him two or three times a week on top of that I think he was still a youngster but right now there is no doubt of his breed.  I marvel every week when he is still there.  A few other Rotties have come in and found homes (Odoole has been adopted twice) in the time I have been there.

From the best I can tell Tony’s biggest issue is that he talks, some might call it a growl, when you play with him or even aggressive petting.  He is no danger but I guess it scares people off.  He is also not affectionate, doesn’t lick your face and want to sit in your lap.  He is great on the leash, listens very well.  Anyone looking for a good dog?  I will deliver!

I can’t adopt him because the apartments have a policy against them.  I was hoping to hold off until I move into my new place, get the lawn in and then figure out how to deal with Homeowner’s Insurance since I have been told that there is a very few carriers who will even write a policy for owners with Akita Malamute, Pit Bull, Chow, Rottweiler.  Looks like I will have to accelerate the schedule.

Update 07.31.2008:  Found out Sirus is also on the list.

Man this ruined my day….

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2 thoughts on “A Buddy on the Short List

  1. John,
    I am quite sure you will get this all under control!  I know how hard it can be to grow so attached to an animal and only have to sit back feeling completely helpless as one is euthanized.  I wish I could save them all!  God willing you will get this figured out! 
    Have a blessed and wonderful evening my friend!  Also, I hope you don’t mind but I have place your ID picture on my site along with a link to yours as a source for people to come to for additional help whether it be Microsoft related or other hot items.  You can find it on the right side of my site and in a box titled "Microsofts Dream Team"

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