Live Mesh Tech Preview: Version Update July 30, 2008

Yes, I am just re-posting here but I really like Mesh and it is interesting how people are using it.  For me it is great because I am always rebuilding a machine(s) to test new products or scenarios and outside of a backup system, I can use mesh to store common files (scripts, registry files, etc…) that I will use.  It is also a cool way to get pictures from my phone, no cable required.

The Live Mesh team is pleased to announce the release of our next update, available later today. We are making Live Mesh available to more people and we’ve greatly streamlined the sign-up process. We’ve also made a number of general performance improvements. See below for the details, and thank you for using Live Mesh.

Version numbers

· Live Mesh software: 0.9.3103.9

· Live Desktop: 0.9.3103.9


  • Raised the limit on the total number of customers we’ll allow to access the Live Mesh Tech Preview.
  • Expanded availability: you can sign up directly, with no waiting list, if your country/region is the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand.
  • Removed the limit on the number of Live Mesh invitations you have. Invite new friends and family members to the Live Mesh Tech Preview.
  • For our customers in countries/regions other than those above, we’ve greatly simplified the waiting list process. You no longer need to sign up through Microsoft Connect. You can sign in with your Windows Live ID on, click Sign Up, and you’ll automatically be notified once Live Mesh is available in your country/region.
  • Improved the performance of peer-to-peer synchronization.
  • General performance improvements.

User Account Control (UAC) notice

If you’re running Windows Vista and recently turned off UAC, you may have to turn on UAC to install this update. Please see the Live Mesh forums for further information.

Did you know?

You can install Live Mesh on multiple devices-then Live Mesh can keep all the folders in your mesh synchronized for you. To add a computer to your mesh, visit from the computer you wish to add, sign in, and click Add Device on the Devices page.

To get even more from Live Mesh, share folders with friends and family. Simply open a folder you’ve added to Live Mesh, click Members in the mesh bar, and then click Add.* Your friends will be able to access your folder as well as install Live Mesh on their devices.

* You can enter any e-mail address to invite others to a folder; it doesn’t have to be a Windows Live ID. However, they will need to use a Windows Live ID to sign in to and use Live Mesh.


Thanks for being one of the first to use Live Mesh. We’re working hard to create the best experience and appreciate any feedback you have. Please send us feedback using our online form. You can also submit (and view others’) feedback and bugs here on the Microsoft Connect website.

Thank you,
The Live Mesh team

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One thought on “Live Mesh Tech Preview: Version Update July 30, 2008

  1. John,
    Wonderful post here!  I just wrote a blog about "Live Mesh" myself!  Although, I have just started to utilize it I have learned a great deal from it and can’t wait to see if they combine the features of both "SkyDrive & Live Mesh" together in one world.  It certainly would be interesting!
    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!

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