Making your Internet Favorites Available

With Live Mesh becoming available recently there have been really good articles on how to use (I am still working on a post on how you can use it to access your other computers) the new product.  Mesh is very cool but I read an article recently about adding your Internet Explorer Favorites folder (a hidden file located in your user directory).  This made me wonder why, and maybe we have not touched on a little Windows Live service. 

One of the “buttons” available if you have the Windows Live Toolbar active with your browser is “Favorites”.
image The star is grayed out when not logged in.  Click on down arrow to the right of the word Favorites and select Sign In.
image Once logged in you can manage and synchronize your favorites.  You can also access your stored favorites by going to where you can also Import and Export your favorites. 

This is just a nice little feature that might be overlooked.  Give it a try.



One thought on “Making your Internet Favorites Available

  1. John
    Great article on how to make the most out of "Live Toolbar" and sharing your favorites.  Another point of interest on this is that a person can choose which item’s to share and which they wish to remain private in their favorites.  Then once you have them all sorted out by categories and sharing preferences you can then add the module on "Live Spaces" to share with everyone!
    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!

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