Dang, all Buddies still accounted for

Like I wrote previously a few of my buddies are up for evaluation so they aren’t evenly listed on http://www.summithumane.org .  Tony, Sirus, Hooch, the whole crew was just hanging out.  My guess is Hooch will go quickly once he recovers.

I did get my hopes up early on Saturday.  When I showed up my buddy Turk was being shown to a family.  When I walked past Turk came over with his tail wagging away.  It was explained to the prospective adopters that he is really just scared.  I explained to them that it took me some time to get him to this point (he was licking my face and sitting in my lap) but once he feels safe he is the sweetest boy.  The put a hold on him but never showed up on Sunday smile_sad.

Sirus went for a swim, Tony and I went for a long walk, Hooch and I went for a slow walk, one of the other volunteers walked Buddy on Saturday.  My ankle was killing me on Sunday (I turned it in a hole last Sunday) so I just hung out and spoiled the boys.  It was a hot weekend for these boys.


One thought on “Dang, all Buddies still accounted for

  1. John J,
    God bless you for taking care of God’s creatures.  If it was no for the caring and compassionate people such as yourself I am quite sure these animals would be put down sooner than they should!  I know you wish you could save them all but at least you are giving them a quality life they might not have otherwise even remotely known.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!

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