Sad Day for My Buddies

Okay, sadder for me because I know.  Three of my buddies failed their evaluation and are slated for euthanasia.  A friend notified me (I am not in the pecking order for any official communication) last night, so the drive to the shelter today was rough.  I made them a special treat, human food and headed in. 

It’s amazing how dogs sense things.  Tony, who I will miss the most and have the hardest time understanding this whole event over, has never been affectionate.  Today he actually gave me one of them dog kisses. 

I had come to the reality that when I move into my new place in a few weeks I would adopt Tony so this news really hit hard.  That he failed his evaluation also comes hard as I failed him there.  I know its not my fault that he ended up at the shelter at that the shelter is constantly over-crowded.  I guess I just never saw anything that I didn’t think could be overcome.  There is also behavior that just disappears once they get out of the environment.  The helpless feeling just stinks.

On a positive note, my little buddy Turk was taken home earlier in the week and his new owners called this weekend to say things were great and they finalized the adoption early.

Windows Live Tags: Summit County Humane Shelter

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