Dogs and Insurance

Okay, so full of energy and trying to use it.  I had mentioned earlier about home owners’ insurance and their policy to refuse writing policies if you have a certain breed of dog.  Well let me just say I should just pin that on .  I questioned them several times and they were pretty consistent with their answers.  This is sad because I thought this type of service had great potential, but I have to wonder about their motivations at this point.

I ended up walking away from their policy and worked directly with an agent for another insurance company.  Now let me say even they have a policy that seems wrong but it was nowhere near as restrictive as would have you think.

I am not sure it would’ve changed the course for Tony smile_sad but had I known, I would have at least been able to tell the Shelter management that I would adopt him before the end of the month. 



One thought on “Dogs and Insurance

  1. John,
    If I were you and your great compassion for your friends, I would use your blog as a way to bring them to light with photo’s and links to where and how they can be adopted.  You never know….someone may just read one and fall in love with the particular animal and drive to there to adopt the new family member they have always been looking for!  Just a suggestion and you never know how many lives you may save!
    Have a wonderful and blessed day my friend!

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