Google Maps: We’re not evil, just not very good – LiveSide – News blog

I checked out (they are one of the RSS Feeds I use on my Personalized Live Page) and I have found their recent articles more on the whiney side but I really liked this one.  One of the Windows Live services that continues to get better is the Maps, yet like search engines all you ever hear in the media is Google Maps.  I wish Live Maps would get more frequent updates (for example recently I wanted to check out a possible hiking trail well lets just say I know for a fact that the Aerial View was a few years out of date not to mention the address for my new house is nowhere to be found) but in general I have found the directions and business listings to be very accurate.

Google Maps: We’re not evil, just not very good – LiveSide – News blog

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2 thoughts on “Google Maps: We’re not evil, just not very good – LiveSide – News blog

  1. John,
    Part of the problem as I see it is that Microsoft specializes in certain areas and niches and maps has not been one of their stronger points like it has been with Google.  I think that if Microsoft would do a re-take on their advertising of certain products and features then work to truly define them into the highest end product available they would see a sharp increase in their overall useage statistics.
    Interesting thought you have going on here!
    Be blessed my friend!

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