New Buddies

Monday was a rough day.  I was tempted to ask if I could be there when Tony was put down, but then again I wasn’t officially informed of what was going on so to keep anyone from being jeopardized I didn’t pursue it.  It was a rough day and has been pretty haunting.

During the last few weeks I have made a new buddy.  He was positioned in a position where I had to walk past him when getting to Tony.  He would do nothing but bark, and one day he actually caught be off guard.  So a week ago I simply said enough with this silliness, and I made it a point that I get to know this guy.  It took some time and he is still a little nervous but he actually rolled over and gave me his belly this past weekend.

So I checked the shelter’s website to get more information on “Link”.  I immediately got chills, he isn’t listed and then I confirmed my suspicion of why… lack my last three buddies he is up for evaluation.  Uggggh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another buddy has been “Kobe”.  He is one solid (physically) boy, a real sweet dog.  Because where he is, he is always my first stop when I arrive at the shelter.  Since he is out of the way I make sure I have one of the good treats for him.  He will take it happily but if you want to pet him, he will gladly forego the treat for some attention.

Two other new buddies, and these two really don’t hit any of my normal draws as they are both nice dogs and on the small side, are “Courage” and “Zelda”.  Of course “Hooch” will still be a regular as he is a sweet little puppy and recovering well from his mange.


One thought on “New Buddies

  1. John,
    I am encouraged to know that you have not given up on your endeavor’s to care for these animals/friends who are on a list that could very well jeopardize their life!  It is warming to know that there are folks out there willing to take care of the animals that God gave to us for our enjoyment!
    Be blessed my friend!

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