Get the Whole Story

Okay, now watch the local news coverage

So, you feel bad for this good kid right? 

Now comes the part they didn’t report on.  I admit that I am biased here.  I am biased because the first police officer to arrive on the scene is someone I know.  Matter of fact I know the whole family, the father I am proud to call a good friend and someone I respect a great deal.  His oldest son was the responding police officer, he has a younger son serving in the Marine Corps (Oooohrah) currently deployed in Afghanistan. 

So, how did this whole event happen.  The police were called to a location with a report of an underage drinking party.  This “good” kid was approached. he had no idea but claimed a birth year of 1976…. huh? are you kidding me?  Nope.  So the officer started placing the kid under arrest for the obvious falsification as well as the drinking.  So as the officer begins the process of physically detaining this “good” kid, the kid bolts, pulling the officer into a ditch.  While the kid went home and hid for hours before turning himself in, the other kids at the party had to help pull the officer from the ditch.  The officer went head first into the ditch, he hit a tree head first knocking him out, breaking a bone near his eye, a gash in his head that required 27 stitches.  This was June 1st.  The officer still suffers from severe pain that during an onset he actually has to pull off the road because it is so intense.

So you are reading this and saying “okay tough break but since you know this cop personally you are not being objective”, well the incident that the news story is about is something that occurred after the above described run in with the law in another city.

Look, I know we all did stupid things when we were kids but I am not sure I would have seen the light of day after the first incident, no not through our justice system but rather by my dad.  Yes, there are tons of stories were cops think they are above the law.  The concern I have here is we have all been down this road, we roll our eyes when they interview the family after a drive by shooting or drug deal gone bad but it continues and the media just keeps perpetuating it.  If you are going to report the news, report the full story.

They spend all of this money on HD broadcast, fancy sets, traffic cams, and of course the millions for weather forecasting (get your money back) but the basic job of reporting the news still stinks!

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