Buddy Roll Call

So, after a weekend of long hours and being on-call stuck in front of a monitor I forsake my workout and about an hour of work to get out in the sun and check in at the shelter.

First thing I do is check the yard to make sure Turk, Wink and a few others are still gone.  Sad to say I know first hand how some dogs can end up back at the shelter even after adoption.  Of course I immediately choked up not seeing Buddy perking up as soon as I walked through the door, or Sirus down at the end of the trail with his tail wagging or (and this is the hardest one) seeing Tony start to pace, watching me, his tongue hanging out.  I dreaded that, losing Tony has haunted me all week.  I will miss the three of them.

So first on the list was Link.  It is funny each time he gets nicer and nicer.  He was actually playful today so I took him for a walk.  With my ankle still pretty gimp we took it slow and he definitely needs more time on the leash but we had a good walk, I brushed the poor boy out.  Then Hooch.  He is looking so much better with hair coming in, the areas affected by mange are still noticeable but he has made such an improvement.  He is such a chow hound 🙂  Much more active than when he first came in and just a loveable dog.  He is still very young but such a good boy.  Cuervo too seems to be coming around.  He has changed since Wink has left.  When I have more time this weekend I will take him for a walk.


Windows Live Tags: Summit Humane Shelter

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