Menacing? No Way

Okay, twenty or so minutes into this special about Michael Vick, and fighting back tears, I think the one great part was the person from "Bad Rap" organization disputing this claim of the breed of Pit Bulls being menacing. Like I have mentioned before I have always been a fan of the Rottweiler breed and they too get an unwarranted bad rap but nowhere near the Pit Bulls. Working as a volunteer at the shelter I see lots of Pit Bulls. Not trying to side with this show, the Pit Bulls we have are some of the sweetest dogs in the population. Considering what has happened in their lives that led to them being in the shelter, they just love attention. Just to name some of the sweet Pit Bulls I have spent time with Kennedy, Sid, Carvel, Bruiser and Kobe bring happiness because as soon as they see you approaching you can see their happiness. They could care less if you have a treat or not, they just want you to pet and talk to them. Then there are the ones that I can’t just walk up to. Contrary to the stereotype these dogs are no different than any of the other breeds we have. As an example there is Sally and Virginia, if you were to just walk by and pass judgment you would think they are bad. With Sally and Virginia it is really all about gender. I volunteered to help with Sally and at first the only way I could get close is if she was with one of the female staff. Several weeks of just going slow by myself I am happy to say Sally wags her tail when I call her name and walk to her. She sits next to me and if I stop petting she will push up against me to make sure I don’t stop. Now I will try with Virginia. Then there is Cuervo, a dog I befriended because he was Wink’s pen mate and they neighbored my buddy Tony. Cuervo can be loud and if you don’t look any further you will have the wrong impression. Cuervo is just jealous but such a softie.

I am just a person who loves dogs; I don’t have the numbers but in eight months of going to the shelter there are no Pit Bulls that I would consider menacing. Like any of the other breeds, sometimes they just need help socializing, patience and genuine care. As I stated, I am not normally drawn to the Pit Bulls (although personally I think Sid is the most striking and a very sweet dog) I came across them making my walks across the yard, for example the dogs around Buddy where all Pit Bulls so I would feel bad that I was treating Buddy so I would make sure I paid some attention to them and I found them to be great dogs.




One thought on “Menacing? No Way

  1. Ah my friend you have hit the nail right on the head.  I have a pit/blue tic mix my daughter rescude him from some kids that where tossing the puppy in the middle of the road trying to see him get hit.  I should tell you my daughter was a ‘Point Guard" also I taught her how to box at 10 years old.  So here is a bunch of "little gangsters" and my daughter. Turns out they wanted no part of the this crazy B****** which I took with pride.  But then of course I got the "dad" please can we keep him…LOL well you know the rest.  He is strong as a bull, my back yard looks like its been hit with 80 mm mortars…LOL but at night I pity the person that breaks into my house.  He may get in but he won’t get out.  But other than than that in the six years not one person did he bite.  But he did get his but kicked by a poddle….

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