Lots of Change

Well I missed some time at the shelter with moving and then heading home for Labor Day.  So when I went in this weekend it was a little confusing.  Link was still there and doing much better.  Hooch is doing great.  His hair is coming in, he has so much energy and is just so happy when you pet him.  He is now up for adoption.  Sally was not in her normal spot and as I checked the board I heard a dog crying in the inside stalls, a quick look and it was Sally.  I walked down there and she was just happy to see me.  Now it has been weeks of work to just get her to not be afraid of me so I was still hesitant to click the leash on, but she just looked so sad.  Well she was grateful for the walk; its these stories that make it fun to volunteer.  Little Squeaks was in the concrete area, poor girl was spaded.  She is a sweet girl but very scared so it takes awhile for her to open up.

Some buddies found homes recently.  Cuervo and Kobe are both on a Trial for adoptions.  Kobe is a great dog but was always up on the hill, and he is a tank but what a good boy.  Cuervo has been a buddy for months now, a big boy and a very striking dog with his size and his unique coloring. 

During a break, aka slacking, I was talking with another volunteer.  And the two dogs in the yard by us won me over.  Harmony has a little buddy named Jack (there are a few reasons that name strikes a chord with me).  It is such a great pairing.  Harmony is bigger and despite her barking at you, she is just a sweet girl, and Jack is younger and loves attention and wants to play fetch for hours.  Harmony will push up against you while Jack is chasing a ball.

So when I arrived Saturday, I found a new dog on the top of the hill.  What a nice dog.  Not sure of the breeds involved but as you walk up to him his tail just goes crazy and he just about lays down and gives you his belly.  He could care less about treats, he just wants your attention.  If we can curb his jumping up on people he will be a sweetheart.  When you sit with him, he is not just a lap dog but he just hugs you.  I believe he is named Woodridge and just arrived.  I have no doubt he will be evaluated and ready for adoption immediately.

Then there was Sunday.  I started watching the Steelers game and granted it was pretty clear early that they would win, but the guilt I was feeling pulled me out and headed to the shelter before the first quarter was over.  So I get there, hung out with Woodridge then Harmony and Jack, then I signed in and checked the adoption board.  I went back and talked to Sally (who now has one of those cones on her head because she won’t stop chewing her injured paw).  Then on to Hooch and then OMG!!!! There is this huge Rottie in the pen where Hooch was…. so immediately I go back in and check with the staff who handles all the dogs medical needs and get the details.  Tony still haunts me and he was a very typical male Rottweiler in size.  Every once in awhile you see that Rottie who just seems bigger.  In the past you would attribute that to the German bred Rottweilers.  So the details, Chief (a very appropriate name) was seized when he was found locked in a car in a hotel parking lot.  Granted Ohio is not Florida or Texas but it has been very warm here.  Chief is a big, and his stature and color is show quality.  He knows Sit, Lay and gives you his paw.  Well poor Hooch had to wait because I had to walk Chief.  What a great dog and my guess is he is less than two years old.  He was a little shaken up having just arrived but he was well behaved.  I have been holding off on getting a dog until I can get a lawn installed but Chief might make me waver on that, although my guess is he will not be stuck at the Shelter very long.

Then it was off to see Link, Hooch, Sid and a few others.  Hooch has so much more energy now, it is great to see.  When you walk him he stops every few yards and then all of the sudden he sprints, so funny to watch.  Then sitting in his pen, his neighbors were barking and Hooch would run at the fence and then just turn his body at it, what a trip.  He was shown to a potential adopter on Saturday and did great so hopefully he will be in a new home soon (I hope so because it breaks my heart when I leave him although he seems to be dealing with it all pretty well even if he is a puppy).

So much went on this weekend I am sure I missed a few things.  The Shelter currently has so many cats that they have dropped the adoption fee to $25.


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