More No News

Spent most of the day at the new Cleveland Clinic.  Wow has the place changed.
So, it started with the usual blood work, much less was requested than in the past.  Then off to the lab for a CAT Scan.  They space out the appointments very nicely in case you or they are running behind, but when you show up for a CAT Scan early it is really pointless since you are on a schedule to drink that concoction.  Not to mention they administer another form of dye intravenously which they have all these precautions on.  Then it was off to see my doctor.  All of the blood numbers were good, no counts that were flagged as either high or low, well of course all but platelets but that is normal with me.  The results of the CAT Scan were not ready yet.  So, all things considered to include no daily antibiotic things are okay.  Tomorrow I am off to Beachwood for an XRay of my ankle……


One thought on “More No News

  1. John,Let us know how it all turns out for you my friend!  How are your other friend’s at the shelter doing?  Hope all is well for them, too!  Give them a special hug and pet from me and know that you are in my prayers for a quick and speedy recovery and alleviation from your pain and ailment!Be blessed my friend!Greg

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