Raining Cats and Dogs

Well I showed up at the shelter early today.  It has been raining for more than a day (of course as I type this the rain has stopped and the sun is trying to come out).  Within five minutes of getting out of my truck and loading my pockets with treats I was a muddy mess.  Seeing some of these dogs looking like drowned rats would have been sad if it wasn’t for the fact that they were wagging their tails.  As soon as they would hear someone walk into the yard they would check out who it was and then some of them came running out of their shelter.

Chief was no where to be found, so when I inquired I found that his owner came to pick him up.  Again mixed feelings, on one hand I have to wonder what kind of owner would leave their dog locked in a car in the middle of summer, but Chief was a big boy so he obviously didn’t have nutrition issues and he knew all of the commands.  As I understand Chief was overjoyed when his owner showed up so it would seem the best result for Chief.

Hooch was still there, hopefully his new owner is picking him up this afternoon.  Met a sweet little German Shepard named Falcon.  He is a really good puppy.  Walked Morton, and the more you hang out with him the sweeter he becomes.  Like many of the other dogs he is just guarded and not ready to relinquish that. 

Hung out with Woodridge, who is a young boy who loves attention.  He could care less about the treats and just hugs you when you sit in his area.

By the time I left I was drenched and covered in mud (and other brown substances), but seeing more and more empty pens is heartwarming.  We have so many cats that they have asked a few of the folks that normally walk dogs to work with the cats.  Like I said earlier we have so many cats they have reduced the adoption fee.


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