Okay so we don’t get hurricanes but yesterday we had soaking rains and today was very warm with some huge winds.  Because of the weather yesterday it seemed like the visitors all waited until today.  It’s great to see the place busy.

A few of my new buddies were given a look.  I saw Link out twice, Woodridge had some visitors.  Falcon was being showed but I guess he hadn’t received an evaluation yet so that seems to indicate he will find a home quickly.  For some reason Hooch was still in the yard, I guess the potential adopter had second thoughts, that really stinks.

Walked Morton first.  He is a classic example and why it is tough to find him a family.  When you first meet him he is very laid back, he shows no cards.  After several walks and a few sit down sessions he is now such a different dog with me.  Granted he still isn’t an over affectionate dog but you know he feels comfortable and is happy.

Then Hooch and I went for a stroll.  Walking this little fireplug is just funny.  He caught a few people’s eyes.  He would sprint, then stop and sit; he is just a fun little guy.

Carvel still puts his tail between his legs but his butt wags when you walk up to him.  He loves to be petted and play.  Oh yeah that’s not possible for a Pit Bull right?  what a crock! 

I had seen this guy but didn’t spend much time.  His name is Hulk and it is so appropriate.  The picture does no justice for him.  He is just one big boy.  Not very tall but wide and all muscle.  Again all of those trying to tag the Pit Bulls as dangerous, JUST SHUT UP!  I went into his pen and hung out with this guy.  He loves to play and for as strong as he is, he is very gentle, just don’t bang heads with him unless you want to see stars… smile_regular

Then I went to hang with Jack and Harmony.  I am really liking Harmony but the no cats is a concern for when I go to visit family.  She is such a sweet girl I wonder how strict the no cats thing really is.  When I adopted Skimpy he was a “no cats” dog but in the morning we used to take our walk and be visited by two kittens, if anything Skimpy just brushed back against them in a cute and gentle way and when I corralled the kittens to find homes for them Skimpy paid no attention.  You throw the ball, Jack chases it and Harmony pushes against your leg… they are a good couple it would be hard breaking them up.


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