Fall Update for Zune

I was quite surprised that the update was available so early Eastern Standard Time.  Software downloaded and installed in about 25 minutes.

Zune firmware installed.  There is a cool new feature where your device is personalized by not just having a device name but it is linked to your Zune Social tag.  Something that will only be seen when another Zune connects wirelessly (a cool feature I have used maybe twice).  The process requires you to read a service agreement that does not appear to work, so annoying but it is just a minor annoyance.  I will try it a few more times but I am more interested to test some of the new features.

Okay, so the piece I was trying to avoid by doing it so early was to avoid network congestion but appears some of the Zune online services are either offline or just swamped with traffic.  The software is updating my Zune collection so I will just let that run….

Okay, back to work and try this again later.

07:51 Finally able to access License Agreement (although unable to access the add friends from the Zune Crew option)

Channels:  Looks useful.  One of the downsides of listening to your music on one of these types of devices is unlike the radio your collection is what you have compiled.  Collections seems to help with that as it uses categories to list songs that based on the channel type will be listed so in case you have been living under a rock (a place I hang out at often) you can stay in the loop.  A quick look in the “Rock” channels… very nice although they seemed to miss out an obvious need, displaying that if the song is already in your collection.

I still can’t explore certain features as several of the online servers appear to be still down for maintenance.

MixView:  Looks to be a cool feature.  Below shows the mixview for a particular artist (Rage Against the Machine to be specific).  Within the view you can click on a displayed related artist or other users that tend to play this particular artist.  Maybe more eye-candy than useful but I can see using the related artists links.


…. Dude!  it actually connects to my wireless network now…. very nice.  You can check marketplace for songs/albums etc, and considering it connected to my WEP router (key entry was painful but could be worse) to connect to a public wifi seems well in the range… this adds to the social factor.

FM Radio:  very nice, I still haven’t been able to add a playing song to my cart and have it download but if it works…. excellent

Games:  ahhh my favorite XBox Arcade game Hexic is installed

Well I could only get to a few things today, damn work interruptions smile_regular, hopefully I will get to explore more, but at first glance this was a real good upgrade and when you consider this includes working on my first generation Zune it is very remarkable.

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2 thoughts on “Fall Update for Zune

  1. What I want to know is why would you use Zune if you have Windows Media Player installed and Windows Media Centre? What exactly does it allow you to do that these two programs don’t ?
    Just curious.

  2. Reasons to use Zune desktop over WMP are:* Library management* Plays more formats natively than WMP* Can take advantage of Mix View and most of the new stuff with or with out a Zune Pass, they work better with the Zune Pass, obviously* Looks and ‘feels’ betterI will say, though, that for quickly playing that one video and doing nothing else, nothing is better than WMP Classic.Also, if you are regularly using Media Center and rarely exit it, then that is definitely the way to go.  Otherwise, Zune Desktop’s overall experience is better.

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