Live Wave 3

Well I am not sure if it is official, been too busy to read all the news, but I was able to install the latest Live products (for example I am using Live Writer 14 to post this).

First interesting thing, I was unable to install the previous Windows Live software on my work machine.  I didn’t spend much time trying to figure out why since this is a corporate machine that is locked down.  There are some interesting list of features, hopefully I will be able to get to play with a few in the next few days.

The product I use most is the Windows Live Mail client so my first dive into this suite will be that.  Okay, not so sure I like the frame like window design but it does seem to be less resource intensive, but right from the start being able to view your calendar in Windows Live Mail instead of forcing you to HTML is nice.  The ability to add a mail item to your calendar is a nice feature.  Yeah they really have leaned the interface out but it is a very competent mail client.

Windows Live Writer does not appear to have changed much, still a vey cool tool for posting blog entries.  Still can only open the last 20 entries in your blog!!!  Ugggggh that is lame.

Windows Live Photo Gallery… face recognition is nice but at first glance

Windows Live Messenger… I really like the “What’s New” section.
Hey what happened to the XBox tab??????? Removing that is a bad idea!

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One thought on “Live Wave 3

  1. Thanks for the tip.  I had issues installing them, how about you?  On my laptop, it got all the way to Live Writer and just sat there, at like 90%, for nearly an hour.  I finally killed the process.  On my desktop, it did not get that far, it hung on the mail application.  I have not tried again.

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