New Visitors

Well to start I noticed Quick was gone.  Checking the board he was on the adopted list.  Quick was a young Rottweiler that lost one of his front legs after being hit by a car.  He was a very friendly boy and due to neglect he will never be the size, in terms of width, of what you expect a Rottweiler.  Made me happy to see his name on the board.  Dang it, Hooch is still here.  Well Hooch and I took a stroll, what a character he is.  Then Morton and I went for a long walk.  Morton has really changed.  He was very aloof and indifferent.  He now picks me up as I walk into the yard, considering where he is staged it is the farthest point, and he barks and gets excited.  We went for a long walk, once he gets on the trail he just zones out.  Unlike last weekend it was hot and sunny so the walk is more for socialization and normalization than exercise.  I hung out with Carvell and a few other dogs, quickly running out of treats.  I noticed two new dogs, Zoey a beautiful Siberian Husky with two blue eyes.  The other one was Ralph, a mix of some sort who is a very good looking dog.  I noticed he was scared so I sat down with him.  Covered in his hair, he needs a good brushing and some grooming, I just petted and talked to him.  In about 20 minutes he was hugging me, putting his paw up for me to keep petting him.  These are the hard ones to leave.  I don’t know what path brought him to the shelter but he was so scared.  Sitting with Sally and all of the sudden she starting pulling at the chain…. I look to see what has her attention and here one of our dogs dug under the fence and was strolling around.  Lucy is a sweet black Lab who has some medical issues.  Then Harmony and I went for a walk.  I am really liking this sweet girl but I have never walked her.  She loves to get into the trails, nose down and searching scent of something or another.  Our walk was shortened a little when one of the staff wanted to show her to a potential adopter.  Before leaving I hung out with Harmony and Jack for a little.  It was feeding time which normally us humans play second fiddle too, but Jack and Harmony just love people so I had to leave so they could eat.

The positive thing is a few months ago every possible place a dog could be put we had dogs, now you can see empty pens.  I miss some of the dogs who have left but finding them a home is the best accomplishment.


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