Several go home

Well before I even left this morning I heard that my buddy Hooch one a lady over at an event last night.  Yeah he was definitely a player!

When I showed up, I saw that Woodridge was adopted.  While I was there Zoey and Falcon both went home.  Falcon was a really sweet young German Shepherd.

Well, first I went to see Ralph.  This is a real sweet mix breed dog, I am guessing young.  He is nervous at first but then just cuddles up to you, even gave me his belly.  Then Morton and I went for a walk.  Morton has come a long way since I first started working with him.  Then Sally and I went for a walk.  Talk about making big changes…. Sally was one of these dogs who just didn’t trust men.  Over the course of a few months though she wags her tail and prefers to be petted first before worrying about the treat.

I noticed a dog yesterday and had to take her for a walk.  She would stand up on her hind legs and look at you as you walked by.  Her name is Abigail and she is a very nice dog.  We went for a long walk, more her sniffing around than walking actually.  We sat in the sun just so I could see what she was like.  Very mellow girl but very sweet.  Her coat would lead you to believe she is a big girl, but it is mostly hair.  She reminded me of Skimpy in a few ways, initially her tail. 

I hung out with Harmony and Jack for quite some time, leaving just as feeding time started.  These two are a fun pair.

Before leaving I spent more time with Ralph.  What a good boy.


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