Another Day, Another Dog

Okay maybe more than one…  A very busy weekend at the shelter.  Zoey came back and was gone by Sunday. 

I spent most of my time with Harmony.  I am really debating the issue, on one hand I had a “No Cats” dog from the shelter and once he came home and settled in he really didn’t have an issue, but then again I am being told it is a pretty severe case with Harmony.  The chances of me having a cat are slim to nil but just thinking about my trips home to visit family.  I am sure it could be managed but would make the trips more stressful and I surely don’t want to board Harmony every time I go home.  Well the internal debate continues….

Went down and saw Ralph.  He is a shepherd mix of some sort, very good looking dog; a little scared but loveable.  He did well on his showing to a potential adopter.

Hung out with the usual list of suspects; Morton, Sally, Willy (someone came to see him specifically which made my day), Carvel, Sid, Kennedy just to name a few.  I met a new boy, don’t think it will be long before he finds a home.  He is a brindle American Bulldog, he seems young, a little shy but a good boy.

Lots of walking, Sally is great off the trail but when she starts to track hold on tight, Morton needs a little work. 

Come see these guys and lots of new guys that haven’t hit the list yet.


One thought on “Another Day, Another Dog

  1.   I don’t know about Harmony – but you know we always seem to deal well .  Don’t let us influence your decision.  Need Yeiling when I come out?

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