I showed up today to find this weekend is the Adopt-A-Thon.

Also noticed one of our dogs was back.  Kobe was back at his spot on the hill.  Then I noticed Hooch was back…. so sad.  I guess he was too much for the new owner.  I spent a long time hanging with Hooch, finding a few special treats left in my parcel of dog treats. 

I found out that Hank was still with us.  He was brought in last Sunday but since he had tags they were going to call his owner on Monday.  Well Hank was still there.  He is a young Rottweiler, well behaved and very sweet.  Not sure what the whole story is but his owner just left him behind.  He is going to be a big boy, he is already taller than my previous two Rottweiler’s.

I took Abigail for a short walk and then brushing.  I was surprised but the staff was surprised how Abigail was being.  I guess she is very very shy but from the first time I saw her, she would stand on her back legs and just want attention.  I found out later that yeah she is shy, some people wanted to pet her and her tail went down and she hid behind my leg.  Chuck and I went for a long walk.  He is a very sweet dog.  Chuck is a young brindle Boxer.

Then it was time to walk Morton.  Over the course of a month or so he has become a great dog.  Before he liked people but really didn’t care, now when I walk through the yard he will start barking, and if I am walking towards him his tail gets to going and he is just so excited.  He still needs some work on the leash but he is great.

It was cooler today which was a somber reminder that some of these sweet dogs are going to still be here when the real cold hits, that just sux.


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