More Zune 3

Between the shelter, a flood of new projects at work and other things I haven’t had much time to play with the cool stuff.  I did test the wireless connection for the Zune when sitting at the dealership waiting for an oil change and tire rotation.  They have a free wi-fi for the customer waiting area.  The Zune searched for and found the unsecure wireless network and wala I was able to access the Zune marketplace and Social.  I downloaded a few songs just to further test, not bad I have to say.  The FM Radio feature of adding a now playing song to your cart for download doesn’t seem to work with the stations in my area.

One of the other cool features with Zune 3 is the “Picks” and “Channels”.  I was skeptical but it does seem a logical concept.  After a few weeks of seeing a few songs/artists that interested me, when I checked today one of the suggested bands came up.  I had come across this group a few years ago and when I saw them listed it was a cool reminder.

Okay now back to work.


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