Another weekend same buddies and some new friends

The weather was beautiful all weekend, but the chill in the air last weekend seemed to be more appreciated by my buddies, not that they would turn down a walk.

Morton and I went for a long walk.  Again, the change in this guy is very uplifting.  The tail wagging, the noticeable excitement.  He is a strong boy so you definitely need to pay attention when you have him on the leash.  Not that he pays much attention to the other dogs, he just likes to get out and sniff.

I walked Abigail.  For some pictures check here.  She is a very sweet chow mix.  As we returned to the shelter (conveniently there is a park across the street from the shelter and that is the main walking route) there was a couple who wanted to see her.  The hesitancy with men showed up big time.  She was very friendly with the lady but when he spoke, her tail dropped and she slowly backed up until she was behind me.  She eventually allowed him close but never let her guard down.  You heart sinks wondering what brought her to be like that.  They ended up picking another dog.  I don’t see it with her but I have noticed that if I move to fast she will back up.  Just means I will have to spend more time with her.

Then I walked OSA.  OSA is a stray that was brought in this past week.  She is a older large female Rottweiler.  Large mostly in that she needs to lose some weight.  She seems to have an issue with her hip but she loved going for a walk.  Very calm, friendly with other dogs.

Then I hung out with Chuck.  Chuck has become one of my favorites.  Maybe some of it has to do with the fact he is in Tony’s pen.  He is very laid back.

Hooch was getting some face time with a potential adopter.  They have dogs in their house so it will be a matter of seeing how he gets along with them.  He has really been depressed since being returned.

There was this Akita, I don’t know his name but it was one of those cases where you are torn between anger and sorrow.  If you look at his legs to his paws you could tell he should be a big boy.  He stands tall but he is so emaciated, which you can see with every bone showing and his coat is a mess.  He barely lifts his head to look at you but when you pet him he pushes against your touch wanting your attention.  He is in the right hands now.

I showed up early and took some pictures.
Chuck and I went for a long walk and then a short jog.  He is so laid back, I checked with the staff to make sure he was okay.  He is a very good boy and I have to find out why he is not being shown or listed on the website.

Raven is this cute little black Chow and he always seems to have a new neighbor.  I noticed a new neighbor this weekend.  So after walking Chuck, I hung out with Raven and then his new neighbor.  His new neighbor is this cute husky type mix named Angel.  She was great on the leash.  She is a little skittish but very sweet.  She is mostly white with some of the grey mixed in.
 Angel (2)

Hooch had more interest today.  He is definitely not happy at the shelter.  He is no longer just happy to receive treats, he gets angry when I don’t stop and hang out with him.  What a pistol. 

I of course spent a great deal of time with Harmony.  She is in with Dublin and despite his young energy Harmony just stands next to me with her tail wagging.  The grass is just about in and I really think Harmony will be coming home with me.  I might have to see if her and Chuck will get along.

Now I have to point out, I talked about a few dogs here, but there are many others that I make sure I visit.  Of course there is Sally and what a miracle she is.  I believe she will be going home soon and she has worked hard at it.  When I first started volunteering Sally wouldn’t let me anywhere near her.  Nothing vicious but she let you know that she wasn’t interested.  One of the staff asked me to keep trying.  I now walk up and sit down in her area and she comes over and if I stop petting her she is quick to remind me that I am there to pet her.  There is also Link, Carvell (admittedly if the rules for homeowners with Pit Bulls weren’t so ridiculous I would take him home), Willy and Lacy.  Then there is Lucy, she is such a sweet girl with some serious medical issues. 

What this shelter does, and yes what happened to Tony, Buddy and Cyrus still haunts me, taking in these dogs and attending to their needs is amazing.  This is nothing close to a modern facility, the cleaning of cages, the laundry, the feeding with the amount of staff and volunteers is a never ending cycle.  The weather will be changing and and it will be soon time to start building the rooms made up of hay bales and floors covered in saw dust.


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