More Linux

So, Ubuntu, OpenSuse and Fedora have released newer versions.  Since I have to work with Linux and I have an older laptop, using Linux at home has some practical application.  I wrote about this a few months ago.  I was a Unix admin many many years ago and I am still very skeptical of Linux.

First thing I thought was funny in earlier testing is the lack of support for common integrated wireless hardware on laptops.  Most are of the Broadcom chipset.  The OpenSource community faults Broadcom for not cooperating with them.

Ubuntu had wireless connectivity using the “unauthorized driver” implementation.  OpenSuse seemed to be wireless friendly pretty quickly, until I re-installed and then for some reason, the same steps used before didn’t work.  Fedora… forget about it.

Of the three I liked OpenSuse the most but the application launcher is just garbage.  I like Fedora for being able to use the Server components, inversely Ubuntu just wants to be a desktop computer.  Fedora 11, the most recent one, had kernel errors constantly pretty odd for their new “stable” release. 

I will stick with Vista.


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