Wave 3

Would love to be checking out Live Wave 3 stuff, but the corporate proxy does not like some of what I imagine are some of the new security measures….

Your request for tcp://auth.bay.livefilestore.com:443/ was denied because of its content categorization: "Personal Network Storage and Backup;Bandwidth"

I am guessing this is fairly new since as of yesterday I could access most of these sites.  It’s not just the Microsoft sites, even when trying to connected to sites I have received the same proxy message.

The new home.live.com is better but still not something I will use often.  I do have to ask however, has the personalized Live.com page been omitted?  Other than mail, I use my personalized live.com the most.

So now at home and not behind any far too conservative proxy.  Looking at a few components.  I really like the new http://home.live.com.  Yes the social networking features seem redundant considering I also use facebook but the Windows Live implementation has a nicer look.  Those dynamic these are friggin cool btw.  For example allowing you to add your favorite Music, Books, and Movies is cool, but why isn’t something that is tied into your Spaces list for like content.  Yes it is pretty busy with all of the content but it is slated as a “social” network tool.

* Oh yeah, while working, listening to my Zune… hmmm Zune, what does that have in common?  Oh yeah another Microsoft product and go figure but my live account is associated with my Zune Pass, why aren’t my favorites as marked by my Zune account passed through seamlessly?  Am I missing that in “options”?  Why so much duplication of time and data?

Going back to my issue with my.live.com not getting any love in this rollout…. the new home.live.com allows for news sources…. you can add and remove except for the crummy MSN topics……

Since I am using IE8 I can’t add Facebook friends…. huh?  Who makes IE8 (yeah I know its beta) is it Mozilla?  Nope  is it Google?  Nope.  Cmon!

As I commented before, I like the new webmail but removing the arrows to empty the Deleted Items and Junk Mail folders is an omission that I find troublesome. 

Okay, yeah I am have compiled an initial wishlist and despite the tone, I really like Windows Live Wave 3.

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