Live Wave 3 Thoughts

I have to admit that with the new security I don’t get to use much of the new Live stuff.  I understand that the new security was to keep the spammers and such out so no big deal.  Reading all of these complaints though I just have a few comments.

In a few areas I think this rollout dropped the ball.  However these areas are just niceties and considering I pay how much for this service (NOTHING) why get mad about it.

Yeah, I find to be too busy but let’s face it the concept is not new ala MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc… and the complaints about displaying names and data…. for starters it is a social network, if you want tight security and anonymity stay off the grid.  Not being harsh but if you want to blog but none of the other stuff, setup a account or install wordpress to your current hosting (not to push a product just the one that comes to mind).  I have never been fond of how “Friends” were collected, displayed (ie. no sort) but it worked.  Sure there were some fake users looking to SPAM, I figured it out and whacked them from my account.  I would agree that the aesthetics of Hotmail (cmon Microsoft can we not dump that legacy name?) degraded with the latest version but it is still usable and considering you can use Windows Live Mail and even Microsoft Outlook you have plenty of options for a free service.

All in all I see a ton of work (which I could not do myself) that has been provided as a framework.  It looks better than the alternatives and in actuality it works better than the alternatives.  As I have seen in the short time within the Live Clubhouse community when the input has been constructive we have either received a response or seen changes.  If this were my company and you just wanted to bash what you are getting for free I would have to think twice about devoting resources to it.

So now where I see this rollout missed….

I love the header on, the dynamic themes and the concise but personalized data (date, weather, message ticker, calendar item) is just great… BUT why is it not consistent when I go from one to another not to mention why is it not included with (which personally I live and die with that as my internet start page)?  Oh yeah, why is setup with some interval of auto-refresh?

Headlines… I can customize what headlines display but I can’t (maybe I just haven’t figured out how) remove the stupid default MSN/MSNBC content????

Data duplication; in conjunction with the headlines not above, why not use the content I have in  On the I can add my favorite movies, music (why by artist, why not song) and books.  Spaces provided pre-formatted lists which as I recall is in an XML format, why no option to just bring that data into

Again things that frustrate me but not something I am about to get angry about or quit because they changed it without asking me.  I have worked in the computer field for some time now.  The reason I have stayed is because of the “new stuff” and sometimes you get real disappointed because you anticipate the next version, then you get your hands on it and it has changed radically.  However I have found that in most cases you get over “I used to be able” and say “oh cool, this is odd but now that I think of it this way is better”.


3 thoughts on “Live Wave 3 Thoughts

  1. Good post John and illustrates just how differently we all view (and use) the online Live services. I think its good to get all of our different feedback about the changes and have a sort of debate about it. You obviously use things differently than I do for example, I have never made use of You have it set as your home page, so illustrating just how we all differ in our personal usage regarding the live services. Good post.TG

  2. Well said….I have to say i Like it. but there is a lot of unhappy people they just need to play with it and you will get faster with it. thanks for the good Post.

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