Talking about Live Search New Features – Fall Update | Nic Fillingham | Channel 10

Since I mentioned how I use as my start page it only seems fitting to pass this one on.  I never understood the whole podcast thing but when Zune integrated them into the marketplace I have to admit I got hooked on a few.  The best of course are the video podcasts.  Channel 10 and G4TV are part of the morning routine. as I understand it when you look at all of the services within the Windows Live framework is part of (hence why I do not believe it was included in the “Wave 3” rollout).  I have been using as my search engine for a few years now.  Like any search engine it took some time for it to amass content, be refined, tweaked etc.  I would do the query on live and then perform the same exact query on one of the other search engines.  I don’t use Farecast but Cashback is pretty cool.  They didn’t touch on the “Medical” search, which if you had read back to the very first post on my Live Space that was the whole purpose of me starting this blog.  Check out the video if you are not familiar with Live Search. 

Live Search New Features – Fall Update


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