Well I had to self-gift this year.  Yesterday I trashed my Zune.  I dropped it and had some wishful thinking.  When I was done with the lab tests and was waiting to see the doctor, I tested to see if it was still working.  I tried to load one of the games to pass the time, the little loading animation just kept going, I must admit it is mesmerizing, but the game never loaded.  I fired up a Podcast and it played.  Today however I noticed that it would skip certain songs and was unexpectedly rebooting more than normal.

I had been considering buying one of the newer smaller models that I could use specifically for working out.  I loved my Generation 1 Zune 30 and since the Zune software worked seamlessly even with the older device.  Even when considering upgrading my main unit, I was never interested in the higher capacity models not to mention 120GB????  Well, I had to have my music (oh yeah the place is going nuts where I work due to the recent Internet Explorer exploit, don’t get me started).  So I started checking around never even considering the 120GB model. 

Well they (Best Buy) were making an offer I couldn’t refuse.  Okay for starters I looked at the 80GB but to get another 40GB was a relatively small bump, what I also noticed was that when you buy the 120GB model you get the Home A/V Kit free.  Sure a MRSP $60 is cool, but I had been eyeing the product for over a year.  With all of the iPODs out there, the collection of accessories is extensive but not much for the Zune.  For example the stereo units with the iPOD dock built in.  Yes I can plug my Zune in using the Aux port but without the dock there is no power source, plus no remote control.  So this accessory gives me that not to mention not a bad looking piece of gear for my desktop.

Plugged the Zune in, Zune software recognized it and then started the setup process.  Automatically detected it needed the most recent version of firmware.  Firmware installed and now synchronizing my collection of music, pictures, etc….  So now I wait.

I also have to say that the product packaging, and this was true with the first one as well, is excellent!

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