Beta Software – Windows Live Mail

I have read lots of complaints about the Windows Live Hotmail release.  Other than keeping that legacy “Hotmail” as part of the product name is my only real complaint.  I don’t like that they removed the arrows to allow quick emptying of Deleted Items and Junk Mail but minor details.  I can send and receive email.  Hotmail still gives me a decent email platform that not only allows the basics of email (hey I am okay with mailx for the price – which is why I used the tacked green on black template for my gmail) plus has the skills to do some pretty cool formatting.

I loved Outlook Express, then the first release of Windows Live Mail was cool, I was disappointed with the next version, but this most recent release….. excellent.  I love Outlook, but in a corporate email environment, using it with the Live Mail Connector just seems like overkill.  This new version has a cleaner yet more substantial look.  Performance is great and the Feed synchronization (and I am addicted to RSS) works without fail.  It will take some time getting used to “Sync” versus “Send/Receive” but maybe an old dog can learn a new trick.


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