While concealing my identity so no one would know I acquired an old Mac Mini.  I certainly wasn’t going to pay full price.  The goal was to have a machine I could test Windows Live Mesh and Windows Live Synch…  The unit is an older PowerPC unit and I quickly found out that it is pretty limited.  If anything it was a good distraction from a weekend of script writing, troubleshooting Windows Update all in an effort to get all of our servers patched with this latest IE7 release. 

Well it looks like I will have to do some digging but it does not appear I can use this unit for the purpose I intended.  Cool form factor on the machine but for now it will stay powered off.  I will say that the keyboard I bought for this unit is great.  I love the little metal sheet with keys on it, just needs an insert key.  I like it so much I plugged my Trackball into it and using it for my real computer.


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