Headed off to work and realized I forgot to pack my Zune.  Considering the affect snow had on the traffic, turning around to get it was out of the question.  Then I started seeing all of the reports of Zunes locking up.  A few days ago I posted about my self-gifting, and it would seem I did myself a favor.  The problem being experienced is that the 1stGen (aka Zune30) as of this morning will not finish the boot process.  Of course as soon as I got home I dug up my old Zune just to see…  This could get very ugly.   Theory is this is all because of the leap second added for this year and it ties into a clock being added to the Zune with the most recent firmware.  Hopefully come midnight the devices will be back up and running.

And then the news about Time Warner cable.  So I had heard that in this area they have just raised rates by a considerable chunk, and they are pretty “matter of fact” about it when customers have asked why.  Now all of the TWC customers are seeing a crawler that as of midnight all Viacom channels will no longer be available.  Now this is interesting, the reason, Viacom wants TWC to pay more (essentially raising their rates like TWC already did for their customers) and TWC refuses to pay.  Uverse isn’t great but I save money and get better customer support.

So is the government not seeing this?  They have protected these cable companies with regulation, allowing these companies to practice complete control over their customers with no real fear of competition.  Yes there are alternatives but, all of these broadband companies run over the same lines, why shouldn’t the consumer have a choice.  It is these same types of practices that have created this economy. 


One thought on “Phew

  1. Sigh. I used to have a Zune 30, until somebody stole it during the disastrous 2 weeks after Hurricane Ike. I hope the thief that stole mine, broke it in frustration. I’m still upset on that loss, and my Canon camera.

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