Live Search – keeps improving

Someone else in my "Windows Live Network" had posted something on this a few weeks ago, but I just saw it.  Doing a search for a current project I was scrolling through the results and noticed a strange graphic appear to the right of each search result… it looked something like:



The vertical line with a diamond centered within it.  What could this be?  Well I think its a very handy little feature.  Normally the search results read the pages "description" element and display that, which can be misleading.  So I moved the cursor to the diamond and a new layer displays to the right and it simply (but cleverly) displays a more realistic snippet of the links contents.  I have highlighted in yellow the text I am referring to, it doesn’t really display with a yellow background.


Now I just wish all of these podcasts and radio shows who claim to be all about technology would stop defaulting to "just google it".

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6 thoughts on “Live Search – keeps improving

  1. John, I wish I could see those things. I even tried duplicating your search, "power shell community extensions." Let us know if you stumble on the secret. What browser are you using?

  2. Yeah it seems to be sporadic, I am guessing based on which server you. I have only seen it on a machine I have IE7 on, I have yet to see it on IE8. Not sure who to ask since Live Search is different than the Live Wave 3 stuff.

  3. Interesting, I couldn’t get it to come back up all weekend. Back at work, behind some archaic proxy and what do my wondering eyes see… yeah that gleam with the expanding layer with a more detailed view of the search result… must have been still cached or something.

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