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Okay, so along the lines of “google it” there is the “subscribe through iTunes”.  I get that the market is full of iTunes but there are other players.  Yeah, I destroyed an iPod a few years ago, not a negative review I just have that effect.  What really makes me laugh is most of the Podcasts I listen to are orientated around Microsoft products since that is how I make my living in large part. 

Thinking about it, the podcast feature is still a fairly new function within Zune and from some feedback I have received the feature might not be international.  In addition, the Zune marketplace has a substantial list of Audio and Video podcasts.  Admittedly I did not go too far beyond that at first.  Then I stumbled upon the “Add Podcast” button when you are looking at the Podcast section within your collection.

The process is similar to subscribing to RSS feeds for Windows Live Mail,, Outlook, iGoogle, etc…. Finding a podcast can be the other issue.  Many sights that have an associated Podcast are now showing a link for that.  Additionally there are websites that serve as a type of Yellow Pages for Podcasts.  I have been using .  So you come across a podcast you are interested in, you check the entries’ details and you click on the “How to subscribe to this show”.  The causes a popup window showing the full URL to the show.  Copy that string and go back to you Zune software.  Find the “Add Podcast” when you click that button, it too will produce popup which looks like:


Paste the URL in the text box, click subscribe and if the URL is valid you will see it register, the podcast information will populate the details section and then if its an active Podcast it will start downloading the episodes (the number of episodes will be based on your base settings, I use a conservative setting of 3 shows).

This was just one way to get podcasts onto your Zune.


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