Okay, so all of this blogging, micro-blogging, social networking it is all just a blur.  I have pretty much stuck with the Windows Live platform but working in Information Technology you always hear the chatter.  Interesting twist to that is IT is normally the group that prevents you from accessing these types of services.  That in reality is a shame but a necessary evil I suppose.  So, Twitter is a “micro-blogging” platform.  I looked into it and at first I just didn’t get to it.  I did like the fact that I could post with a simple SMS text message.  The key is you have to start following people.

Twitter alone is just a plain (although you can use Twitbacks to customize it) web page listing all of the threads.  Installing an app like thwirl makes it easier to use.  There are plenty of apps for your iPhone and Blackberry as well.

Linking it all together, my gets updated with my Twitter activity and I have Facebook setup so when I post a twitter entry it updates my Facebook status as well.

Determined to figure out why tweeting is all the rage… I looked further and trust me this is in now way an authoritative document but I found a way to make it really work for me.  I explored ; again a very generic looking web page but enter a topic.  In this case I will use Twitter to monitor chatter about my favorite hockey team. 


Okay so now with these results you can:

  • Find twitter accounts you want to follow.  Sure there will be lots of yapping but then you start to see a twitter account that you want to “follow”
  • See the RSS icon… and I do love RSS; subscribe to the feed and use your RSS Read (Windows Live Mail for me) or use the URL and plug it into

I am using Twitter to follow topics of Powershell and Zune right now and I have to admit it has been informative and when I posted that I was struggling with Powershell and SQL, I receive some very informative responses.  That is one of the reasons I hate that we can’t access it from work because it does have some benefits, but I am sure it would be abused more than correctly leveraged.


6 thoughts on “Twit-What

  1. Brilliant post John! You have beaten me to it actually. I was considering doing one about my thoughts on Twitter (more tongue in cheek actually than yours) as at first I was bewildered by its appeal, and as a typical woman, was finding it hard to fit all I wanted to say into 140 letters (or whatever the amount is) I too wouldn’t think of using it without Twhirl as I am a ‘desktop’ person. So thanks John for this post, will try out your tips.

  2. I just don’t get Twitter, but I haven’t tried it. When you think of it in terms of "what am I doing at the moment" chatter, It seems such a waste of time. I don’t know why you’d want to follow my and why in the world would I care what you’re doing at the moment? Other uses? I guess I’ll have to break down and try it and see if I find something useful to follow like you did.

  3. I’m on information overload with all the HD podcasts video and audio I watch and listen to, blogs I read and barely log into Twitter with my account. Facebook is fun.

  4. Well, I use Twitter much more than facebook, and with the app installed to Facebook, anything I twitter gets posted to my Facebook status (something that seemed like a good idea but I am having second thoughs about since Twitter is so much useful). I do all the podcasts too and for that I love my Zune. I didn’t get twitter either, right up until I happen to tweet something and I received 5 responses from some very reputable experts (pertained to Powershell) and I had an answer in minutes despite hours of toiling and fruitless Live Search and Google attempts. It is not just following and followers as I have found out… learning the # topics is so helpful, for example "Struggling with SQL query with #powershell" you will probably receive an reply in minutes and the stream will, as I have learned, be surprisingly full of good people offering to help.

  5. I have met many nice folks on twitter. But as a sparadic user, I find it hard to keep up. I work somewhere were tweeting through they day is no option. I havent logged in and tweeted for about two weeks now.

  6. I understand the issue with not being able to twit at work. I have gotten to the point where I bring my HP Mini to work and tether my Blackberry to it so I can check my personal e-mail and twitter. Once I started using TweetDeck I started to see the benefit of twitter.

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