IE8 Testing

A sucker for beta stuff, I have been using IE8 for some time.  It was definitely beta, crashing with some regularity (although it was pretty good at recovering).  I of course jumped on the IE8 RC 1 when it became available.  Interesting note on that, I follow technology specific RSS feeds constantly but the first whiff if IE 8 RC1 being available was via Twitter.  The RC 1 is very solid, to date it has only crashed with poor websites, not something I would blame a browser on.  Working on a little project I have been experimenting with CSS and I was able to crash IE8 beta 2 consistently with my lousy CSS but now RC1 seems to ignore my malformed CSS.  All in all I am liking the Release Candidate version.

One thing that I have not tried with IE8 is the “Accelerators”.  Doing some research on a topic I tried the map accelerator.  Definitely well done.  On the page I highlighted the City and State (the breeder did not post the full postal address), used right-click and then let the cursor hover over “Map with Live Search” and wala…. a map shows up in a new window as shown below:


If you click on the option, as you would expect, it takes the selected text and opens to the location.  I prefer Live Maps (not to mention the whole Windows Live Platform) but if you check and check out mapping there is an accelerator for some other mapping services (Google, Yahoo, multimap, etc…).

Another group of accelerators that I came across and has proven quite handy is the Sharing or Social Networking, as there are accelerators for Sharing links or data found on a website using your Facebook, Twitter or other social network.

Check out the video for more information than I can give.

Off to do more testing.

Windows Live Tags: Clubhouse, Internet Explorer


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