2K Sports

Well if nothing they are consistent.  There have been two NHL oriented video games on the market (unlike the NFL that EA owns all rights to).  I have stuck with the 2K line because the EA products are just not realistic or playable.  I have been enjoying NHL 2K9 and had a pretty good first year going in franchise mode.  Three weeks from the playoffs and now I can’t play or even simulate the next game.  I have tried several times, then popped the power, re-seated the hard drive, cleaned up several gigabytes of disk space.  Since Fallout 3 crapped out on me today I started thinking about upgrading to the Elite console.  Then I did some research and it would appear this is common with the game and not the console type.  2K Sports has stated that they will not release a patch.  I had this problem with the 2K7 version.  Shame.


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