Another Report Card … of sorts

I have not posted in quite some time on this topic.  Truthfully it has become a non-topic but… So as an update; even after an extended period of down time, hence lack of self-prescribed physical therapy I have had no episodes.  Certainly no real diagnostic proof but just proof of how random this condition is.  Really nothing to write about, but…

So what am I babbling about?  Just a coincidence but on the even of my 6 month check-up (yes I only go every 6 months now) I watched an episode of House.  During this episode a doctor is with a patient – now friend celebrating a period of remission of his cancer.  The patient suffers a physical malady causing him to lose control of his arm.  Long story short, the patient back in the hospital is concerned that his cancer is coming back; the doctor puts things together and diagnosis it as Transverse Myelitis.  Not interesting on its own (although it is interesting how they have used that diagnosis several times over the course of the series despite it being “rare”) but when he relays the diagnosis to the patient he states it in a matter that would indicate its better.  Yes its a personal chord but that struck me as a little offensive.  For starters the way he relayed treatment to the patient was we will prescribe a strong anti-viral and everything will be fine… ummm they left a great deal out in that regard.  Yes my symptoms have dissipated greatly but they will never completely heal but to go one step further, I have spoken with many people who have been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis with far more severe symptoms/effects.  My experience is that the anti-viral will help with preventing TM from progressing but once the myelin is gone, it very rarely reforms.  I am not saying its worse than cancer (Leukemia was the form of cancer specific to this patient) but not sure its appropriate or entertaining to rank diseases as better or worse.  Okay done ranting.

As for my check up, all the numbers were in the normal range.  The Platelet count is still low but as I have written many times this is a condition that existed for about 15 years, and probably longer than that but there was never a reason to check it.  So after all of this time, leveraging theories and common sense, despite falling back out of shape and surviving multiple cold and flu seasons without taking any pre-cautions above and beyond there has been no reoccurrence and few encounters with the common cold and a virus (all pretty normal) my body/immune system seemed to handle them with relative ease. 

reptcard So after all of this time and no treatments and quite frankly not taking care of myself like I should there have been no subsequent occurrences.  There is nothing to prevent, just something I have to be mindful of.


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