Windows Live Essentials

With the recent release of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 Beta I had to make a quick post.  Well first exercise was to kick the tires on Windows Live Writer.  A few minor tweaks, glad they didn’t overload it, the tool is pretty solid just as it is.

Okay, I know they talked about the threading of email in Outlook 2010 and admittedly I hated the idea.  I don’t like how GMail threads every conversation, so if you delete it and someone replies no matter when it threads it and if you try to clean up your mailbox you get tons of prompts like “any additional messages won’t show until you move this message to your inbox….” blah blah blah its just email.  Well I have to say I like how they implemented the “threading” in Windows Live Mail Wave 4 beta.

WLMail Threading

Very clean and the availability to turn the “Conversation” view on and off is nice.


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