Windows Live is Open

Since a comment seemed to indicate there was a question about Windows Live Writer and WordPress and other blogging services, I had to jot a quick post.  Yes Windows Live Writer can be used for Blogger, WordPress and others it was never just Windows Live Spaces.  The tool is a great little utility for blogging.  Considering everyone’s reactions to Microsoft aligning with WordPress for the transfer/relinquishing of Windows Live Spaces seemed to get the talons out.  I don’t work for Microsoft but I have been using the Windows Live Essentials for quite some time and Windows Live Writer has been supporting various blog platforms for some time.  Currently I use it, well I have been blogging less but,  for posting to Blogger, SharePoint and now WordPress.  This leads me to another question?  How many people ignore Windows Live Essentials? If so is it because “I don’t have a hotmail account?”  The strength of the Windows Live Essentials has been its tight integration into the Windows platform while supporting competing products.  Windows Live Mail is a great little email client that supports gmail, yahoo and other email systems (something I blogged about a few years ago – yes it has supported this for years – and has just gotten smoother to include the conversation view) , Windows Live Photo Gallery includes tools to upload to services such as Flickr, Picasa, etc… ; Windows Live Messenger allows communication with Yahoo and Facebook users… Seeing the pattern here?


6 thoughts on “Windows Live is Open

  1. John, I notice you are using the new Fusion theme on WordPress. I can’t get Writer to sync with it properly and have reported this to the team. What occurs is that when Writer sync’s with it, the post header is way way up in the black header and also the blog post writing also begins in the header as well. Is it the same for you or are you not using Live Writer to post up here?

  2. Ahh, so you didn’t let Writer try to download the theme settings then? The team are on the case as I have been letting them know whenever there is a WordPress theme that doesn’t work correctly with Writer and there are quite a few!

    • It seemed to hang on the download, and since I am on a work computer where so much is blocked I didn’t want to draw a conclusion as it could’ve been many things (the theme, Windows Live Writer, corporate proxy, etc)

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