WL Photos in a WordPress Blog

Again this is written from the perspective of a Windows Live Writer user.  With 25GB and the seamless upload Windows Live Photo Gallery, I store most of my photos on photos.live.com.   I was hoping I could use the URL for the image in my website but have found that doesn’t work and is frustrating.  Brining the post back to using a picture already stored in Photos.live.com, using the provided embed works very well.  When viewing a photo stored on photos.live.com check the left hand information pane and you will see the embed code.  Copy that full text, and then in Windows Live Writer go to the “Source” Tab and paste the code.

Here is where I pasted the embed code: http://cid-eb07580dfe0e1448.photos.live.com/embedphoto.aspx/Camera%20Tasks/Macro/DSC01102.JPG

Now there are Ribbon icons in the insert menu for adding photos but you can not use the provided “Web Address” but the Photo Album does work if you want to post a view of an album you have on photos.live.com

I have also found using an image from flickr is very easy as shown below, using the Flickr4Writer plugin.

Second Life

So there are some options, and maybe more Plugins will start showing up now that WordPress is the default blogging platform being targeted for Windows Live.

Well the embedding does not appear to work as designed. In Windows Live Writer the image displays where I used the embed method, but the posted entry shows the URL and not the actual image.   Something to look into.


3 thoughts on “WL Photos in a WordPress Blog

  1. John. WordPress has its own method of storing your photos as I have recently posted about. You can upload your photos to your blog post and then you have to ‘attach’ them to a post if you want to show them at their best. However, its a complex and daunting task for anyone but the very determined!
    Its WordPress who are going to have to change I’m afraid. I find some of their features to be very complicated to say the least. I have requested of the Writer team that now they are having to work closely with WordPress, they consider finding some way for users to either make use of WordPress’s Media storage (photos) or allow us to show our photos in a Gallery or Slideshow directly from inside Writer.
    As you have discovered, you can use flickr and also Picasa with that plug in for Writer as well. (there is one!) Changes are gonna have to be made as all those ex Spacers who used their space as a photo blog are rather annoyed that they can’t bring their photo albums with them from Windows Live (I did try to warn the teams about this!)

    • Yeah, I have found blogger does an upload much cleaner than wordpress but it works. The issue is more with the SkyDrive system and I hate to duplicate data but I am also not going to discount the free 25GB of storage I get with skydrive, so the annoyance is minimal.

  2. I agree. At the moment, WordPress does not allow as much storage for your photos as we had on SkyDrive. (unless you pay for an update that is!) One workaround is to have a seperate photo blog and then add a Menu tab to your Blog so that readers can then go there to view your photos. I have successfully done this on here and used a slideshow of my pics both in the top of the blog (Modularity Lite uses this and is ideal for photos) or in an actual post. Trouble is Live Writer at the moment won’t allow you to insert either a WordPress slideshow OR a Gallery view of a group of photos!
    Depends how closely they decide to ‘sync’ Writer with WordPress now its the blogging platform of choice. Of course, I don’t think they invisaged just how many Spacers considered that their photo albums on Windows Live were part and parcel of their Space!

    If you make do with simply using Live Writers ‘Photo Album’ feature to insert a full album, then of course, that goes up by default to your Windows Live SkyDrive. Fine if you set it to ‘public’ or your Spaces friends and they don’t decide to get rid of their Live ID, but if you make new friends on WordPress, then they are not forced to want to obtain a Windows Live ID in order to view all of your photo album.


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