Looking to go Google-free

So, I have been using a Droid for a year now.  I know that because my contract is just about up.  In that time I started using google services because it was convenient.  I had a gmail account for years and rarely used it.  Yes I was one of those users who hated threaded conversations and now you can turn that off (although admittedly I like it in Windows Live Mail) but I just thought it was a boring and limiting interface.  Just little things like handling the sending of pictures was just inadequate in my opinion.  I have had an MSN account since back when MSN used to be relevant as an internet provider.  Over the years I have many services associated with that account.  And yes for all of those who claim gmail is better at spam, it better be because I have hundreds of messages in my gmail spam folder/tag or whatever you call that, while Windows Live has handled most of the spam messages but in general I receive considerably less.  As I start researching which Windows Phone 7 device, and even tougher which carrier, I am also looking forward to getting off the google services. 

Dumping gmail… no brainer, dumping gdocs… even more of a no brainer, dumping google calendar …. meh.  With Windows Live there is a great web as well as desktop experience.  The photos on Windows Live is great unless you plan on linking to it, but considering the amount of storage and the well designed gallery look I believe it blows the doors off Picasa and Flickr. 

One sticking point is Google Reader.  While it is not flawless and seems to prioritize the feeds to update using a skewed schedule, it is a flexible RSS reader.  Considering I can’t access my personal email accounts from work, being able to email a story from the reader interface is also a huge plus.  Windows live had a personalized page which I really liked, and then they forced it to a personalized MSN page.  Looked the same but it limited you to the number of tabs/pages you can have and I am just tired of all the MSNBC content.

So it will be a major but not complete severing of the tie to google services.


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