And it will be overlooked

With all of the talk about Steve Jobs’ rant on the investors call, which I have to admit I actually agree with much of it.  Now all the chatter is about Mac’s app store for the “computer” platform.  I like the concept but I don’t use that operating system so it just passed by.  Then the bloggers started claiming how it was revolutionary and all of the typical love for the Apple stuff/  My response is “Really????”  As I said its a nice feature but where is it something to be in awe of?  Two points:I have not bought a packaged piece of software in years, and many apps are what windows, since Vista, call gadgets.  Currently when I setup a new rig, I install everything I need, to include upgrading the Operating System version, without ever opening a box.

Maybe it was never advertised enough but there has been a Windows Marketplace, online and not a “brick and mortar” market place, for many years.  I don’t have the numbers but I think utilization is low therefore it goes under the radar.  I am not even going to make any lengthy conversation about how awful Google’s market is on Android, but for mobile devices an “app store” is necessary.  Apple has done that very well, and what Microsoft is showing looks very promising.  As I have said before, maybe my confusion is because I don’t want a computer, or even a tablet, to replace the bulk of my computer work and access.

That said, the Windows team posted a blog entry about a new service.  Windows Product Scout is a great presentation to what in my mind is more of a computer related application store.  Even most Linux Distros come with an application center of some form.


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