Hotmail Office Docs

I just wanted to post a quick blog about something I noticed.  This happened a few weeks ago but I was distracted. 

I was asked by a few technical recruiters to send a current document.  On follow up I was told on more than one occasion that they were still waiting for it.  I knew I sent it.  Yes I did send it.  When in Hotmail there is an attachment option and an Office Docs option.  If you use the Office Docs option you will notice a brief message about “putting the finishing touches …”. 

So, where it gets a little confusing is when the recipient receives the email message.  If you are using hotmail or gmail via the web browser it does show up as an attachment.  The “problem” seems to be with email software.  I have not checked Microsoft Outlook but using Windows Live Mail and Lotus Notes.  See below that the document is sent as a link.  This is optimal as the file is stored temporarily in your Windows Live storage instead of the full file. 

Office Docs attachment

I don’t think this is a problem, just something you need to be aware of when you are sending documents using the “Office Docs” insert option.  I think the confusion comes from two factors.  Initially where we normally see a paper clip icon in the attachment field it will not show, secondly the placement of the the attachment hyperlink and corresponding text is poorly placed, at least when you have an auto signature.

Sadly I only have access to Lotus Notes here at work but will verify Microsoft Outlook shows the same results as Notes and Windows Live Mail.


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