Satellite Radio

As my early post eluded to I switch from a GM product to a Ford.  With that comes a change in the version of satellite radio built in.  I was skeptical over the whole concept of satellite radio but was addicted shortly after listening during the trial period when I bought a 2006 Chevy Impala.  Full disclosure, I understand that since I used it so long there is a comfort level that will be tough to break from.

NOTE: So we all know Sirius bought (aka merger) XM radio.

So with the new truck, and new brand comes Sirius.  Its free for a year so that’s nice.  Sirius is tied into the navigation system which I still have to learn but it seems pretty intuitive.  Checking out the channel lineup and to be blunt it sucks compared to the one offered by XM Radio.  No problem since Sirius bought XM right? One would think that but one would be very very wrong.

For starters, the signal is a joke compared to what I have experienced with XM.  I have been told that is because XM had access to some terrestrial radio transmitters.  Result when traveling under some overpasses the signal cuts out.  Very brief but enough to be annoying, especially considering I have been stuck at a dead stop under the same overpass because of traffic and with XM radio I never lost signal.

So, since I still have an active XM account I called to get it cut over to Sirius.  Again Sirius bought XM so I call Sirius customer support.  They can’t access my XM information or assist me with this!  Ummmmmm Excuse Me?????  Since this was an obviously pointless call I ask about getting XM content.  I know they have a “Best of” depending on which network you are on you can get the best of the other one.  Sounds good right? WRONG AGAIN!  You get what they pick to be the best of.  So if you are on XM that means Stern and the sports  and if you are on Sirius that means O&A and the other sports.  So the customer support person says since I have a new radio he can add the best of xm, again you are thinking this is good.  Yes for the price (free so far) that is good, until you realize what content they offer and the hap-hazard manner it is laid out in….

I listen to the NHL channels, figuring out which channel the game you want to listen to is, how do I say this…. Horrendous!  I prefer Fox Sports Radio… yeah that’s not an option….  Music lineup pretty much matches up across the networks, but that whole commercial free stuff is a load of you know what… much like the amount of commercials we get despite paying huge monthly bills for cable and satellite TV.

So, the other nugget here is the obvious lesson, it isn’t always the best product that succeeds.  Just look at the channels available and XM is superior but still in the battle of corporations quality and the customers don’t matter.


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