Going from Chevy to Ford–progressing

I need to post a more in-depth entry about the Ford to counter what seem as buyer’s remorse but this morning provided a test for something I had mentioned in the previous post.  The last two mornings were very cold and damp so I paid specific attention to traction control.  As I had mentioned in the previous post traction control wasn’t bad but I preferred the automatic 4-wheel drive mode.  Admittedly I had a suspicion that my universal joint was in some state of disrepair and the tires had about 50,000 miles on them. 

Well in the normally slick conditions I have not experienced any issues.  I have tried to reproduce guaranteed traction issues, such as acceleration and over painted stripes on the roadway.  Leaving the truck in 2-wheel drive, I have not spun the tires or experienced any sway and to the best of my knowledge the traction control never kicked in.  Even in some hail this morning I have not seen any issues.

Obviously this will be tested more as winter progresses but so far so good.


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