Windows Live–Mesh

Okay, let me start by saying c’mon WordPress where is the Windows Phone 7 app?Eye rolling smile

Okay, so with the latest release there was lots of confusion when the product was renamed  to Synch and then reverted back to the original name of Mesh.  The ability to keep your IE Favorites as well as your Microsoft Office settings consistent across all of your machines is a very handy function.

This post however is the ability to connect to your device remotely.  As shown below I am able to access a home computer from a remote location simply using my browser.  While this might not be the most robust or technical way to access a computer remmesh_sessionotely, that it is built into the Windows Live suite is pretty remarkable.  This is not a new feature to Windows Live Essentials 11/Wave 4 but I am not sure it is widely known.

I will have to do a more technical posting but just wanted to identify what I think is a nice tool to have in your arsenal.

Setting this up (I admittedly have only enabled one of my machines for remote access) is easy but the option might not stand out.  When you open the Windows Live Mesh application you will see the standard options for adding folders for meshing as well as the ability to turn synching on for Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office.  To set the machine mesh_configto allow remote connections find the “Remote” text to the right of the “Status” title.  Here you will see the option to allow you to enable remote connections.  The “what happens …” information is pretty explanatory.  You will also see all of your other devices that have been configured to use Windows Live Mesh and if they are enabled to allow remote connections, you can initiate the connection.  Additionally you can initiate the connection from the windows live page designated for your devices.  From this page you can also access your synched folders, which is convenient when you are on another machine and need access to a *file.

While this method of remotely accessing one of your computers, I don’t know that its business ready but I have found it to be very helpful and I hope you find this information to be of interest and maybe helpful.

* Synch is good at automatically keeping your files consistent across your machines but in general Skydrive and Office Live are great places for files you need to access from a remote location on a machine that is not yours.


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